Smart Data Analytics

Transform the key terms and obligations of your contracts into Smart Data analytics which can be filtered and queried to unlock hidden risk of value. 

ContractPodAi® Smart Data analytics transforms your legal documents, including hard copies, into structured data and insight to drive value and reduce risk.

Our 360° view dashboard analytics, point and click custom report builder, e-discovery level advanced search with integrated optical character recognition provides our clients with powerful tools to interrogate and report on their contract obligations.

Research consistently shows that commercial and contracting issues lie at the heart of 70-75% of failing projects, resulting in an average of 9.2% of annual revenue leakage. – Research report published in March 2015 by IACCM.


Key features of ContractPodAi® Smart Data Solutions

Dashboard Analytics

Quickly drill down and query any and all of your contract data and view alerts and assigned activities..

Optical Character Recognition

Transform hard copy scans into fully searchable text unlocking content for search and reporting.

E-Discovery Level Search

Search contract metadata and inside documents including searching for entire phrases or clauses..

Easy Data Migration

Take unstructured data and import into an intuitive and logical format unlocking new insights.

BI Report Builder

Build, schedule and output your own bespoke reports based on any metadata held within your contract repository.

Pre-Configured Reports

Up to 40 pre-configured reports are available to you in the standard format of ContractPod®.

Benefits of ContractPodAi® Smart Data

Transforming your contracts into Smart Data allows you to gain immediate insight into key contractual terms and obligations at a glance based on any and all of the data held within your repository.

Define your own data views to spot trends and make decisions quickly – and save time searching and querying unstructured data.

  • View Geographical Analysis
  • Track Key Obligations
  • Query Data in plain English
  • Receive Reports in your inbox
  • Convert hard copies to digital
  • Confirm regulatory compliance

Key efficiencies

Improvement in Revenue 2%
Reduction in contract cycle times 50%
Improvement in contract renewal rates 25%
Improvement in contract compliance 55%

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