A Complete Contract Management Solution

Many businesses lose big money because they have no proper contract repositories, miss important contract dates, have clunky contract generation arrangements – or even have no intelligent contract management system.

In-house counsel most value a single touch point repository, contract workflow automation or BI analytics and reporting. Whatever you need, ContractPodAi® provides the tools to manage the end-to-end process from initiation through to automation, negotiation, approval and signature.

ContractPodAi® is an easy to use, intuitive and affordable single touch point document and contract automation and lifecycle management solution.

Contract Assembly
& Automation

With an easy to use process, ContractPod® can assemble & automate unlimited documents & contract templates.

Single Touch Point

Make life easy for yourself and stay organised by storing, accessing and managing all your contracts and documents via one centralised repository.

Full Contract
Lifecycle Management

Unlike solutions currently in the market ContractPod® manages the complete contract lifecycle including revisions, renewals and terminations.

Risk Assessment

ContractPod® lets you build your own process to review counter party contractual terms and accurately assess key risks.

Automated Alerts
& Notifications

Automatically track, manage & report on Key Events, Dates, Obligations & Approvals. Email notifications ensure you stay organised and in control.

Integrated Electronic

ContractPod® is seamlessly integrated with Docusign® allowing you to readily sign documents using truly reliable e-signature technology.

Modern &
Intuitive Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard helps you to quickly view, understand and analyse your contractual data and make the best business decisions.

Comprehensive Workflow &
Approval Mechanism

ContractPod® allows you to build your own comprehensive approval and workflow management process with just a few clicks.

Integrated Vendor Negotiation Portal

ContractPod® has a built-in Vendor Negotiation Portal which can be used to communicate, negotiate and share contract drafts with your customers and suppliers.

Outlook Calendar Integration

Track and manage obligations, important dates and in-cycle contract activities with seamless integration with your Outlook calendar straight out of the box.

Full Version Management

ContractPod has a robust version management featuring allowing you to review and compare redlined drafts and versions to track changes.

Front Door Contract Request Centre

Provide a “front door” to the legal team and empower a wider range of business units to become part of the contracting process.

Track Changes Function

ContractPod has track changes set to “always on” as a default allowing you to compare negotiated changes between your contract versions.

Template Repository

Maintain a bank of contract templates which you can use to automate standard terms and conditions and other high volume contracts.

Clause Library

Build a complete library of clauses for dynamic inclusion in your automated templates during contract generation.

Template Generator

You ContractPod licence includes Template Generator Microsoft Word plugin which allows you to create your own templates for automation in minutes.

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