Data Migration & Abstraction ServicesEasy transfer from old to new

Transfer your contract data into ContractPod® and replace arbitrary and fragmented contract storage across multiple locations with a single state of the art touch point contract repository.

The data migration process, although simple in theory, is deceptively complex – with many potentially time consuming and costly pitfalls and it is often the case that the complexity and magnitude of a data migration project is underestimated.


Our team of qualified lawyers and data migration professionals, based in the UK and India, have completed multiple migration projects and our proven methodology ensures that we can complete your data migration needs in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of handling the task in house.

Our migration methodology includes:

  • Data extracted from your legacy system
  • Data cleansing to remove duplicates, inaccurate and incorrect data 
  • Consolidation of differing data structures in your legacy system and unifying these within ContractPod®
  • Customisation of the ContractPod® data model to meet any additional data requirements you may have
  • Uploading cleansed legacy data into your ContractPod® repository 
  • Full OCR conversion of all scanned documents 


Contract abstraction involves the discovery and the extraction of key obligations, important dates and other contract metadata to add increased value to your data migration project.

Our team of qualified lawyers extracts contract data to your specification and uploads that data into each contract’s snapshot page within your ContractPod® system. The abstraction and upload of this data enables you to quickly and accurately query large batches of key contract data to make informed decisions on your contract portfolio.

Our contract abstraction methodology includes:

  • Extraction of pre-agreed Key Obligations per contract type
  • Extraction of pre-agreed Important Dates per contract type
  • “Four Eyes” review for quality assurance  
  • Set up and scheduling of contract reports
  • Set up alerts and notification services to ContractPod® users

The Benefits

Regardless of where your contract data currently exists our team can quickly and efficiently migrate everything into ContractPod®’s single touch point solution. Our team have tried and tested processes in place to handle large scale migrations and abstractions whether your contracts exist in a digital format, on a legacy system or even as hard copies in a filing cabinet.

Once your migration and abstraction is complete, ContractPod® can bring your data to life using powerful BI analytic and reporting tools which will provide:

  • Quicker contract discovery and audit 
  • Access to a complete contract summary in seconds
  • Improved contract governance, and risk and compliance management
  • Improved management reporting
  • Improved claims and dispute management
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We believe it’s time all businesses should be able to afford and readily implement a state of the art contract and document management system.

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