ContractPodAi® Self Service Desk

Use ContractPodAi® to provide an online contract self service desk and empower a wider range of business units to generate contracts.

ContractPodAi® self service desk currently provides some of the world’s biggest brands with the means to generate high volume contracts.

The result is a far more efficient experience for all parties and a large reduction in time and cost by freeing up your legal team.

PwC suggests that companies could realise savings equal to 2% of total annual costs by eliminating inaccuracies and non-compliance through contract automation.


Key features of ContractPod® Self Service Desk

Legal Front Door

Provide a “front door to the legal team” for contract request from all departments to empower them to generate contacts.

Docusign E-Signatures

ContractPod® is seamlessly integrated with Docusign®allowing you to sign documents using truly reliable e-signature technology.

Template and Clause Library

Combine the expertise of your legal team to provide standard templates & clause library support to increase efficiency.

Approval Automation

Build your own comprehensive approval and workflow management process for peace of mind on all self service contracts.

Contract Automation Tool

Users simply complete a questionnaire linked to your standard templates to generate contracts automatically.

Workflow Automation

ContractPod® allows you to build your own comprehensive approval and workflow management process with just a few clicks.

Benefits of ContractPod® Self Service Desk

Implementing ContractPodAi®’s Contract Self Service Solution can help your business save money by empowering non legal users to quickly and accurately produce high volume contracts with no or very minimum input required from the legal department.

It helps you free-up your legal team to work on more complex and strategic tasks – allowing your lawyers to provide increased value to your business.

By implementing, ContractPodAi®’s Self Servicing Solution, our clients have been able to:

  • Reduce significant time from the full contract management process
  • Bring consistency to the contract management process
  • Improve their overall contract risk management process
  • Empower a wider range of business units to create contracts
  • Reduced administration cost in managing high volume contracts
  • Increased the legal team’s efficiency

Key efficiencies

Reduction in time to signature 87%
Reduction in contract approval time 83%
Reduced risk from non standard terms 63%
Reduced negotiation on standard contracts 30%

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