The business case for ContractPodAi®

All spends, particularly IT, need to be justified as strong value-for-money propositions which generate tangible efficiency savings that can add directly to profits.

ContractPodAi® is uniquely positioned to enable your business to achieve these goals by providing the market’s most comprehensive and easy- to- use Contract Management application at a cost that is fixed, fully inclusive and transparent.

ContractPodAi® can drive increase in Revenues

ContractPodAi® will enable your business to complete more contracts per annum by reducing the typical sales cycle by up to an average of 2.5 weeks. For example:

  • Automation can be used to generate and issue contracts faster, either by business users generating their own documents or by business users completing a request form with the core information needed to enable their legal or contracts specialists to produce the required contract for them
  • The time taken to negotiate contracts can be reduced through the use of the ContractPodAi® customer portals
  • Contract signature time is reduced using ContractPodAi®’s embedded DocuSign e-signature technology.


ContractPodAi® can drive increase in Net Profits

ContractPodAi® will substantially reduce the cost of overall contract management. For example:

  • Automated templates and approval workflows will significantly reduce the number of contracts which require to be reviewed or drafted by legal or contracts specialists, freeing up their time to focus on more complex tasks
  • Streamlined administration, negotiation and signature workflows cut down the man-hours involved in the overall contract process within business units.

ContractPodAi® can eliminate Revenue leakage

ContractPodAi® will help to eliminate Revenue leakage by ensuring key dates for renewals, revisions and terminations are not missed.

Each and every contract is tracked for key dates – with automated alerts and notifications being sent to users.

Other key obligations – such as payment dates, SLA’s etc. are also tracked to help to ensure no associated loss of revenue.

ContractPodAi® can increase Contract Performance

Contract performance can easily be monitored, tracked, and acted upon, using ContractPodAi®’s Business Intelligence functionality. For example:

  • Real time analytics are provided through ContractPodAi®’s fully configurable dashboard
  • Detailed reporting is possible on any aspect of the metadata in the system
  • Bespoke reports can be created and scheduled to be sent to any defined group at a chosen frequency
  • Contract Governance is improved via audit trails and by setting consistent workflows to bring consistency in negotiation approach
  • Performance of Key Obligations can be monitored and measured.
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