Meet the world’s first
end to end artificially
intelligent contract analyst.

EːV® uses some of the world’s most powerful and leading cognitive artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. It also benefits from specialist training by senior commercial lawyers to deliver the high levels of accuracy required to meet the demands of a professional legal environment.

EːV® is fully integrated with ContractPod® as part of the new ContractPodAi® offering, delivering the most comprehensive AI powered contract management system in the market.



What the identity signifies

Each element of our artificial intelligence identity has been crafted to fit with our core values and objectives with EːV® as a standard bearer for the evolution of contract intelligence. 

With an alternative spelling inspired by the phonetic alphabet, EːV® conveys gender neutrality and transcendence of human capability. Pronounced “Eve” it signifies the start of the something new – the evolution of contract intelligence.


What can EːV do for you
and your business?

EːV® is the artificial intelligence engine behind our fully comprehensive contract management system enabling our clients to move their business from manual to fully AI driven automation processes with minimal human input including :

• Reading, analysing, abstracting and reporting on key contract data
• Managing contractual workflows and approvals
• Managing and setting alerts and reminders for key contract benchmarks


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